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Take Control & Achieve Your Goal

Ferranti Empowerment is a company led by Amanda Ferranti, who is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant, licensed Soccer Coach, and former semi-professional soccer player. An advocate of mental skills training from personal experiences, Amanda understands the importance of emotional management and uses her innovation and unique knowledge-base specifically for youth populations. She is the author of a unique brain training workbook for performers and continually contributes to the growing literature on mental skills training and performance enhancement.

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Our Self-Paced E-Course will teach you how to get to the root cause of blockages that stop young players in their tracks.

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Parents & Coaches

Develop Awareness and Improve Communication Skills

Courses designed to educate and empower you with unique integrated tools that empower your athlete to perform with confidence and enjoy their journey.


Improve Confidence in High Pressure Situations

Individualized training designed to develop self-regulation skills and long lasting routines for healthy emotion management and performance consistency.

The Coach

Amanda Ferranti

M.A. Sport Psychology, CMPC

Player Experience

  • Played D1 for Princeton Women’s Soccer
  • Former semi-professional player
  • Ivy League Champions and NCAA Final Four
  • Competed in 5 National Championships 
  • Overcome 2 ACL reconstructions, one ending my career

Coaching Experience

  • Consulting individuals 8 and up for over 10 years
  • Coaching soccer players for over 20 years, ages 3 and older
  • Adelphi Women’s Soccer Assistant Coach
  • Associate Academy Soccer Coach in the Girls Academy League
  • Girls Eastern New York ODP Head Coach

Own Who You Are

Brain Training Workbook
Did you know that the #1 fear of soccer players is losing possession of the ball? Many make the mistake of hiring a professional trainer, but don’t get to the core of the issue.

In addition to one-on-one and group sessions, Amanda has authored a unique brain training workbook that helps players establish a strong foundation of confidence at a low cost. In this workbook you will learn to:

  • – Connect with your inner performer and build confidence
  • – Take control of your performance and behaviors
  • – Develop routines and set goals
  • – Use breathing skills to calm down and fuel you with energy
Do you want to impact the game this season?



Success Stories

College Recruitment

Many young athletes have a dream goal to be recruited and perform at the collegiate level. Ferranti Empowerment has successfully helped athletes overcome obstacles and pursue their dreams at various universities. And while many clients are still young, Ferranti Empowerment is excited to help many more fulfill their academic and performance goals.