One-on-One Mental Training

Ask any soccer professional and they will tell you that success on the soccer field is more mental than physical. With enough practice, most players can develop the physical skills they need to perform competitively. But to be truly successful, a player needs to be able to manage their emotions, overcome distracting thoughts, and be present in the moment. One-on-one mental training from Ferranti Empowerment is specifically designed to help your player build awareness, establish routines, and focus on the process towards achieving their goals.

Mental Training Benefits Players On and Off the Field

Ferranti Empowerment offers one-on-one mental skills training for athletes ages 9 and older. Over the course of just 8 weeks, your player will learn applicable mental skills that will not only help them succeed in their sport, but also help them navigate the challenges of daily life.

We have designed a creative and innovative training program that is geared to help your player retain the skills they learn, so they can be mentally prepared for whatever challenges life throws their way. Some of the valuable mental skills your child will learn in their one-on-one training sessions include, but are not limited to:

  • Emotional Management
  • Refocusing strategies
  • Positive self-talk
  • Building a long-term memory for successes
  • Energy Management
  • Effective goal setting
  • Deep breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Visualization

What Does Mental Skills Training Include?

Ferranti Empowerment’s one-on-one mental skills training programs are intensive and focused on helping your player develop emotional stability, confidence, and resilience. This process begins with a basic assessment of your player’s mindset and personalized discussions with one of our certified consultants.

Each player will also receive a take-home binder filled with worksheets that will based on the assessment’s findings and your desired goals. Your child will then attend weekly 60-minute consultations either in-person or via Skype with their consultant and complete the appropriate worksheets over the course of the program.

Your child’s consultant will also perform a full competition video analysis of your player’s performance to identify and address potential issues caused by mental distractions. During the program, parents and players can reach their consultant via unlimited email and text access during regular business hours.

Ready to take the first step to helping your child get the mental clarity and emotional stability they need to succeed? Contact Ferranti Empowerment today to schedule a free 30-minute consultation!

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