One-on-One Integrated Soccer Training

Take Control & Achieve Your Goals

As a Princeton alumna and former semi-professional player, I understand the level of difficulty in coordinating your brain, heart, lungs, and muscles to make constant and consistent decisions under high pressure. Too often, young soccer players of today are being told what to do and where to move, which leads to hesitation and mistakes caused by fear or doubt.

In response, Ferranti Empowerment has designed an interdisciplinary methodology called Integrated Soccer Training to improve the efficiency and quality of a player’s decisions through the development of skills, knowledge, confidence, visual control, and focus. As a result, you will see your player make quick and effective decisions, be involved in the game more, play just as well in competitions as practice, take more risks, and most importantly, have more fun.

Do you have a dream goal this season?

Ferranti Empowerment’s comprehensive one-on-one training programs can help your player reach their goals this season by giving them the skills they need to identify obstacles and set action plans for quicker, more effective development.

Get Ready for the Season in Just 8 Weeks

All it takes is just 8 weeks for your player to see a dramatic improvement in their performance. Our specialized integrated training includes Ferranti’s Own Who You Are Workbook to help players build confidence and self-esteem alongside their ball skills and knowledge of the game.

How it Works

One-on-one integrated soccer training is a very flexible service to best meet your location, timing, and pricing needs. Additionally, Ferranti Empowerment has a a selection of qualified trainers to ensure a quality connection with your player. All you have to do is:


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Why Ferranti Empowerment?

Amanda Ferranti is a Princeton women’s soccer alumna, former semi-pro player, licensed soccer coach, and certified mental performance coach, with 10,000+ hours training kids.

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