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Most sports experts say that 90 percent of an athlete’s performance is mental, yet most spend zero percent of the time on mental skills training. At Ferranti Empowerment, we have developed a unique training methodology strategically designed to help coaches and teams integrate sport psychology into their existing program. 

Integrated Training Helps Players Feel Confident and in Control

As a Certified Mental Performance Consultant working with collegiate and youth players, Amanda Ferranti discovered that mental skills training in a classroom setting or through group activities was too isolated from the game context and didn’t have the impact on player development as she hoped. In response, she developed a unique decision-making performance method that integrates mental skills training with on-field sessions so that coaches don’t lose valuable training time or spend extra money on a sport psychologist. Contact Ferranti Empowerment to learn more about how you can develop resilient players who execute confident decisions.  

Ferranti Empowerment specializes in helping athletes of all ages with the goal of enhancing autonomy and awareness and improving performance and team cohesiveness. 

What’s Included?

Ferranti Empowerment’s advanced integrated training program is intensive and focused on helping you comfortably implement our methodology. There are various levels available, however all packages include:

  • Initial consultation with coach
  • One 60-minute coach orientation 
  • One 60-minute player orientation via Zoom
  • Guidance in planning one training session
  • Objective measurements obtained from players
  • Analysis and feedback

Our program also offers the option to include Ferranti’s unique Own Who You Are Workbook for players to strengthen their individual mental skills, without losing valuable training time.

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