For those looking for mental skill training support, here are two brain training resources:

Own Who You Are

Did you know that the #1 fear of soccer players is losing possession of the ball? Many make the mistake of hiring a professional trainer, but don’t get to the core of the issue.

In addition to one-on-one and group sessions, Amanda has authored a unique brain training workbook that helps players establish a strong foundation of confidence at a low cost. In this workbook you will learn to:

  • Connect with your inner performer and build confidence
  • Take control of your performance and behaviors
  • Develop routines and set goals
  • Use breathing skills to calm down and fuel you with energy

Do you want to impact the game this season?

The 5A’s Emotions Management Routine

The 5A’s is a recalibration tool that can help individuals increase the frequency of time that they are performing in their ideal state. When used properly and routinely, The 5 A’s can be an efficient way to enhance your players’ resiliency as well as performance consistency.

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Why Ferranti Empowerment?

Amanda Ferranti is a Princeton women’s soccer alumna, former semi-pro player, licensed soccer coach, and certified mental performance coach, with 10,000+ hours training kids.

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