Virtual Mental Training

For ALL Performers

If you are a busy family and want the convenience of having a session from your home, mental skills training in a virtual format has been proven to be just as effective as meeting in person.  

The Next Best Thing to Meeting in Person

Ferranti Empowerment’s virtual mental training is designed to help improve your autonomy, awareness, motivation, and performance using innovative online tools and resources. Ideal for athletes ages 9 and older, our 8-week virtual training program provides your athlete with weekly 60-minute Zoom sessions in which they will receive all the same instruction and assistance provided in our on-site program. 

Benefits of Virtual Mental Training

Ferranti Empowerment takes a different approach to mental training. Instead of simple talking to athletes, she has developed a proprietary series of worksheets to guide discussions and promote self-regulation skills after 8-weeks of training. 

Our virtual training program is precisely designed to help athletes improve in the following areas:

  • Emotional management
  • Autonomy
  • Decision making
  • Confidence, character, and values
  • Tactical knowledge 
  • Focus and concentration
  • Energy regulation
  • Self-assessment
  • Goal setting

By strengthening these attributes, your child will be better able to understand the reasoning behind their decisions, stay focused despite distractions, overcome doubts and fears, manage their energy, identify and fix mistakes, visualize success, and continue to improve on their own.

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