Mental Skills Training

With levels of anxiety on the rise, individual attention through sports is an effective way to help our young generation feel connected and confident. At Ferranti Empowerment, we offer mental skills training in various formats for ALL performers who have a dream goal.

With enough practice, most athletes can develop the physical skills they need to perform competitively. But to be truly successful, an athlete needs to be able to manage their emotions, overcome distracting thoughts, and be present in the moment. Mental skills training with Amanda Ferranti, CMPC is specifically designed to help performers build autonomy and awareness, establish routines, and focus on the process towards achieving their goals.

Improve Autonomy, Awareness, and Performance

Ferranti Empowerment offers customized one-on-one training programs designed to teach players how the brain, heart, muscles, and lungs can work together efficiently and guide you towards confident and quality performances. In the process you will learn how to identify and overcome your fears and doubts so that you can perform consistently to your potential.

Relying on her experience as a Certified Mental Performance Consultant, licensed Soccer Coach, and former semi-professional soccer player, Amanda Ferranti has developed a variety of innovative training programs, including:

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