Developing Confident Goal Scorers

Learn how to help your players unlock their full potential on and off the field.

Working on physical skills and agility can improve a player’s performance, but real change comes when we deal with the root causes of fear, self-doubt, and anxiety.

This 4-Part Integrated Training Program, includes:

Introduction to Developing Confident Goal Scorers Course

Decision-Making Performance Course

Mental Skills Training Course

On-Field Training Sessions

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If you have a player who struggles with any of the following, then this course is for you:


Learn to Elevate Your Communication

As a coach, I know you want to help your player succeed, but it can be difficult to mimic the game and offer quality training in a one-on-one setting. In this program, I will teach you how to organize an effective training and foster a deeper connection with your player.

If you’re thinking about running a private session – wait!
Skills and agility are important to development and can help boost confidence, but if your player is feeling fear, self-doubt, or anxiety, this training is not enough. They will continue to struggle until learning how to break through mental barriers.

Why Ferranti Empowerment?

Amanda Ferranti is a Princeton women’s soccer alumna, former semi-pro player, licensed soccer coach, and certified mental performance coach, with 10,000+ hours training kids.

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Help your player overcome fear, build confidence, and score more goals!

Increase player autonomy, awareness, and performance

Improve the speed and efficiency of decisions

Enhance ball skills and knowledge of the game

Develop confidence and character

Establish a routine to move past mistakes

Improve focus and motivation

I thoroughly enjoyed taking the Ferranti empowerment online course which covered many topics such as meeting our coach, Amanda Ferranti and explaining what to expect while taking this course and how it will help you to improve as a player and coach. She explains how you can approach steps on how to connect with your player and help guide them on and off the field. She covers topics such as triggers that disrupt players’ performance, which is probably one of my favorite topics that she could have covered because I work in the collegiate field with female soccer players who often have trouble with their performance on the field.

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Kat Mendez, assistant coach of Adelphi Women’s Soccer team

About The Program

The Developing Confident Goal Scorers Integrated Training program is a self-paced e-course. We’ve designed the program to allow you to work through each lesson at your convenience.

Intro + Decision-Making Performance Course

Learn how your player can strengthen focus and concentration and make decisions with speed, efficiency, and quality.

7 Modules

6.25 Hours

25 Lessons

Intro + Mental Skills Training Course

Focusing on physical skills and agility can improve confidence, but real change comes from dealing with the root cause. Our new Self-Paced E-Course will teach you how to help your child improve their performance under pressure, and pressure and increase confidence and enjoyment of the game.

10 Modules

13.25 Hours

37 Lessons

$1,960 $200

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Developing Confident Goal Scorers Bundle

Bundle and save with this all-in-one online course that combines the best of mental skills and decision-making tactics.

15 Modules

17.75 Hours

55 Lessons

$2,600 $250

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On-Field Training Sessions

Follow this structured training program to share in your player’s passion and be more involved in their development.

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