Services for Soccer Parents

Ferranti Empowerment is proud to offer a variety of services for soccer parents, including our first set of e-courses, created by Amanda Ferranti. All of our services are uniquely designed for soccer parents to develop confident and happy players by combining Amanda’s experience as a coach and player with her extensive knowledge from sport psychology.

E-Courses & Live Training Available

Experience the transformational power of our services and courses as Amanda guides you to connect with your player on a deeper level, igniting unwavering confidence and unlocking their goal-scoring potential. Don’t fall into the trap of solely focusing on skills and agility—address the root cause of performance obstacles, fear, and doubt. Enroll in our classes today and become the driving force behind your player’s soccer journey, making a profound and meaningful impact on their overall experience.

Bonus Features

Step-by-step instructions

Frameworks and diagrams

Proprietary worksheets

Long-lasting routines

Links to resources


Hear What Parents Are Saying

“[My daughter] got her second hat trick today at the PDA tournament!! Hat tricks in back-to-back tournaments and she is playing strong. She is using her binder and her strategies and her confidence is growing!!

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Choose Your Format

Mental Skills Training Resources


In a self-paced format, you will have full access to video content and downloadable materials with the benefit of being able to learn and implement the tools on your own timeline.


This format combines the extensive content and matierials in the self-paced course with the added benefit of live meetings to answer burning questions and connect to the community.

Live Training

With live training, you will have the convenience of scheduling a virtual session to learn directly from Amanda, along with access to the Introduction to our self-paced e-course.