Developing Confident Goal Scorers Bundle

Bundle and save to access all the tools you need to help your player make assertive and confident decisions and score more goals.

Valued at $2600, this course is available to you for just $250!


This bundle includes:


Through these courses, you will be able to:

  • Help your player develop autonomy and intuition in the decision-making process
  • Build an understanding of the game of soccer and how your player can effectively develop both on and off the field
  • Learn conversation strategies to “get through” to your player
  • Be more involved in your player’s journey
  • Use actionable strategies to help your player build confidence and overcome fears


Step-by-step instructions

Frameworks and diagrams

Proprietary worksheets

Long-lasting routines

Tools and links to additional resources


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I thoroughly enjoyed taking the Ferranti empowerment online course which covered many topics such as meeting our coach, Amanda Ferranti and explaining what to expect while taking this course and how it will help you to improve as a player and coach. She explains how you can approach steps on how to connect with your player and help guide them on and off the field. She covers topics such as triggers that disrupt players’ performance, which is probably one of my favorite topics that she could have covered because I work in the collegiate field with female soccer players who often have trouble with their performance on the field.

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Kat Mendez, assistant coach of Adelphi Women’s Soccer team