Intramural Training

Join our community program for an age-appropriate training experience that focuses on development and community, while teaching a distinct style-of-play. 

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Our intramural training program is strategically designed for children ages U5 through U8, with an emphasis on age-appropriate activities and development. All players are provided an opportunity to fall in love with the game in a caring, as well as challenging environment. They will progressively learn how to play as a team and have a direct pathway to the academy level at U9. 

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* Located in Dix Hills, NY

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Bonus Features

Step-by-step instructions

Frameworks and diagrams

Proprietary worksheets

Long-lasting routines

Links to resources


Why Ferranti Empowerment?

Amanda Ferranti is a Princeton women’s soccer alumna, former semi-pro player, licensed soccer coach, and certified mental performance coach, with 10,000+ hours training kids.

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