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Welcome to our testimonials for Ferranti Empowerment page! Here, you’ll find a diverse array of heartfelt experiences shared by our satisfied clients, each highlighting the remarkable transformations achieved through our empowering programs. Discover how Ferranti Empowerment has not only helped individuals unlock their full potential, but also provided the tools and guidance needed to overcome challenges and foster personal and professional growth. From performance breakthroughs to newfound self-confidence, these genuine testimonials for Ferranti Empowerment exemplify the profound impact our programs have had on the lives of our clients. Embark on this inspiring journey today and allow Ferranti Empowerment to accompany you on the path towards empowerment and success.

Amanda- you helped my daughter a couple of years ago now- but I was going through some old things and found our emails. I thought you might be interested to hear that after that awful experience with softball, she took up rowing – and received athlete of the year at LMU and an award for the  highest gpa on the rowing team. She was recognized at a banquet in front of all of the sports teams and coaches – a far cry from what the softball coaches thought of her. Anyway, I hope you are doing well and know that you made a difference.

Parent of College Athlete

What you did with her is magic! We’ve never seen her play with so much effort and the best part is, she was having fun!

Parent of 10 yr old Soccer Player

“She seems to be doing great. My wife and I are so happy with the changes we’re seeing. She’s enthusiastic about sports and more confident in general.”

Parent of 16 yr old Beach Volleyball Player

“[Ferranti Empowerment] effectively guided my daughter in her development from a young, promising high school player into a top recruit who now plays at the elite Division I level for a nationally ranked program.”

Parent of Division I Collegiate Athlete

“I wanted to let you know the first dance competition is done and in the books. She did fantastic! Said she wasn’t nervous at all. Thanks for everything!”
Parent of a 12 Year Old Competitive Dancer

“You never disappoint. [My daughter] loved the meeting!”
Parent of a 10 year old Zoom Small Group

“Ferranti Empowerment has helped me capture my potential mentally in ways that are indescribable. My knowledge about the mental part of sports has improved exponentially, in all areas of my training.”
Abigail Forbes

US Open Tennis

I just wanted to give you an update on [my daughter]. She has really come into her own with a strong mindset and goals for her soccer career but also in life. She finished out her season a million miles from where she started. I believe you were instrumental in her accomplishments and for this I thank you more than words could ever say.”

Parent of 14-year-old ECNL Player

“[My daughter] scored her first hatrick today! She’s had 2 strong back to back tournaments…looking forward to the Spring!! She’s working hard and showing more confidence! She has her binder and has been reading it in the car on the way to games…thanks again!! ​”

Parent of 9 Year Old Soccer Player

I wanted to thank you for all of your help last season. I finally ascended and hit one of my many goals…..  This year I won NAIA National Championships, the US Open, Pan American Championships, and MADE THE SENIOR WORLD TEAM!!!!! I reviewed a lot of our old sessions over the session and went through the worksheets you sent me a couple of times.

Woman's Freestyle Wrestler

“Ferranti Empowerment help to bridge that gap between player and coach using a variety of different methods and approaches… Ferranti Empowerment is a must for any one looking to get an edge on their competition and to take their game to the next level.”
Coach of Women’s College Soccer

“[My daughter] played 85 minutes against Holy Cross and won about 30 headers and numerous other 50/50 balls with her legs. Really back to her fearless self.”
Parent of NCAA D1 Soccer Player Recovering from ACL Reconstruction

“We learned where to focus our attention and how to control emotions that hindered our ability to perform at the highest possible level. With Amanda’s guidance, everyone found a role to fill on the team and became indispensable.”
Captain of Boys Varsity Soccer Team

“Hey Amanda played one of my best games today mentally felt extremely good. Thank you for everything these past couple of weeks you have helped me become a happier and better player!!”

D1 Mens College Goalkeeper

“Hi Amanda! Thank you so much for all your doing for [our daughter]! [My husband] and I both feel that we’ve seen her confidence improve tremendously on the field over the past month or so!”

Parent of a GA Soccer Player

“I wanted to send you a note to say thank you again. [My son] is in such a great place this season. He is consistently doing his thing on the field and shows so much more confidence and less fear and it is shining through! He is having so much fun and just loves it. We certainly attribute this to him working and building with you and your program. He is still so hard on himself but using your tools and well bucket are such positive and healthy ways for him to cope. He took your program very seriously, put in the hard work and we couldn’t be more proud. Thank you again!!!!”

Parent of a Boys Lacrosse Player

“[My daughter] has shown great improvement since she began talking with you… She is a stronger presence on the field and happier when she finishes a game because she doesn’t harbor on negative items like she used to.”
Parent of a 16 Year Old ECNL Soccer Player

“I just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for me and really helping me. You changed my game completely and I really appreciate that. I’m doing really well so far this season, I just scored 4 goals in our last game! . . . So I just wanted to thank you and give you an update on how I am doing.”
Competitive 16 Year Old Soccer Player

“I just want to say thank you for working with [my daughter]. She is feeling good about herself and playing so well. It’s so nice to watch her play with confidence.”
Parent of a 13 Year Old

Success Stories

College Recruitment

Many young athletes have a dream goal to be recruited and perform at the collegiate level. Transitioning from this aspiration to reality, Ferranti Empowerment has successfully guided athletes in overcoming obstacles and pursuing their dreams at various universities. Furthermore, as numerous clients are still in the early stages of their athletic journey, Ferranti Empowerment is eagerly committed to assisting many more individuals in fulfilling their academic and performance goals. With our expertise and support, aspiring athletes can confidently embark on their path to collegiate success.