Self-Paced E-Courses

Learn how to make a significant impact on your player’s success and happiness and be the most important person in their soccer journey.

In our e-courses, you will learn

The root cause of performance obstacles and inconsistencies

Ways to effectively communicate when there is resistance

Unique actionable strategies to use with your player

How to foster mental health as well as success

Learn to Elevate Your Communication

As a parent or coach, I know you want to help your player succeed, but often your communication isn’t working. In our self-paced e-courses, I will teach you how to foster a deeper connection with your player and be more influencial in their soccer journey.

If you’re thinking about hiring a private trainer or coaching one-on-one sessions – wait!
Skills and agility are important to development and can help boost confidence, but if your player is feeling fear, self-doubt, or anxiety, this training is not enough. They will continue to struggle until learning how to break through mental barriers.

Bonus Features

Step-by-step instructions

Frameworks and diagrams

Proprietary worksheets

Long-lasting routines

Links to resources


Help your child take risks, get praise, score more goals, and make an impact on the game!

Improve the speed and efficiency of decisions

Shatter negative thoughts and beliefs

Gain knowledge and strengthen autonomy

Develop confidence and character

Establish a routine to move past mistakes

Improve focus and motivation

Current Courses

Decision-Making Course

Learn how your player can strengthen focus and concentration and make decisions with speed, efficiency, and quality.

Mental Skills Training Course

Gain insight on your player’s internal experiences and learn strategic ways to help develop confidence and courage.

Confident Goal Scorers Bundle

Bundle and save to access all the tools you need to help your player make assertive and confident decisions and score more goals.

“I just wanted to give you an update on [my daughter]. She has really come into her own with a strong mindset and goals for her soccer career but also in life. She finished out her season a million miles from where she started. I believe you were instrumental in her accomplishments and for this I thank you more than words could ever say.”

– Mother of 14-year-old soccer player